Albuquerque Indian School Yearbooks and Related Ephemera, 1930-1931.
Images from this collection come from the private collection of Professor Theodore Jojola (Isleta Pueblo), a Distinguished Professor and Regents’ Professor of the University of New Mexico, and are made available online at the Indigenous Digital Archive for research. They may not be used for commercial purposes.


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. In Memory EINNINNSNES of FRANK P. REICHARD A veteran band master of the Indian Service. Born in Illinois, January 9, 1868. Died at Albuquerque, N. M., August 11, 1930. In the passing of Mr. Reichard, many an Indian boy will accept with sorrow the loss of a good friend, an exemplary man and a superb leader; the Indian Service a valued employee. ALBUQUERQUE INDIAN SCHOOL BAND BOYS AND SCHOOL By Tom Gorman

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