Albuquerque Indian School Yearbooks and Related Ephemera, 1930-1931.
Images from this collection come from the private collection of Professor Theodore Jojola (Isleta Pueblo), a Distinguished Professor and Regents’ Professor of the University of New Mexico, and are made available online at the Indigenous Digital Archive for research. They may not be used for commercial purposes.


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NZSZXZNZSZXZNZNZNZNZNZNZSZXZNZNZ. Club and Department Activities · The students and teachers in the home economics department were very happy to welcome three new teachers into the department this year. Mrs. Ellen Lawrence, teacher of Indian art, has been placed in the home economics depart ment; Miss Mary Lou Jackson of Dallas, Texas, senior high teacher, is an additional teacher in the department; and Miss Neida Martin of Clayton, Alabama, has succeeded Mrs. Neptune as junior high teacher. During the year there have been six regular meetings, attended by the girls, members of the faculty, and visitors. Miss Dorothy Ellis, Assistant Supervisor of Home Economics, attended one meeting and gave a very interesting talk to the girls. On Hallowe' en the members of the club gave a masquerade party for em ployees of the school and their families, and each member invited a boy. The re freshments consisted of sandwiches, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, punch, and chocolate lollypops with faces. The favors were skeletons made of pipe cleaners. An electrola furnished music for dancing. Pumpkin pies were awarded as prizes for the best costumes, to Mrs. Fred Canfield and Solomon Day. Miss Jackson' s girls have made a birthday cake for each of the senior girls and the girls have come to the department for the birthday parties. Each senior girl has given a formal dinner for six people. The senior girls have had a small nursery school in connection with their unit in child care. Six children attended the school.

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