Albuquerque Indian School Yearbooks and Related Ephemera, 1930-1931.
Images from this collection come from the private collection of Professor Theodore Jojola (Isleta Pueblo), a Distinguished Professor and Regents’ Professor of the University of New Mexico, and are made available online at the Indigenous Digital Archive for research. They may not be used for commercial purposes.


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Tsosie, Naswood B., " No2," Navajo Home Address: Ft. Defiance, Arizona. Pet Expression:" Oh Yeah! " Sport: Horseback riding. Honors: President Class' 31; President Y. M. C. A.; Dra matic Club; Student Officers' Club; Friendship Circle; 111th Cavalry Band, N. M. N. G.; Assistant Scout Mas ter, Troop 81; Major First Battalion' 30 and' 31; Captain Co. C.' 29 and' 30. Trade: Carpenter. Ambition: To build a house by the side of the road. Advice: Keep on my trail. Watchman, David, " Davie," Navajo Home Address: Ft. Defiance, Arizona. Pet Expression:" Howdy. " Sport: Basketball. Honors: Webster Society; Band. Trade: Auto Mechanic. Ambition: To Start Right. Advice: Compleet your education. Yazza, Genevieve M., " Geneva," Navajo Home Address: Two Wells, Arizona. Pet Expression:" Hello, Love." Sport: Tennis. Honors: Sergeant Co. G.; Lieutenant Co. G.; Marshal, Dra. matic Club; Captain Co. A.; Class Marshal; Vice- Presi dent Navajo Tribal Council( Girls). Trade: Home Economics. Ambition: To help people. Advice: Make good use of yourselves while you have a chance. Mongue, George K., " War Horse," Hopi Home Address: Oraibi, Arizona. Pet Expression: " Oh, the nut head. " Sport: Hunting rabbits. Honors: President Dramatic Club; Band; Orchestra; 111th Cavalry Band; Webster Society; Passion Play; Sopho more Vice- President; Officers' Club. Trade: Painting. Ambition: To be a sheep herder. Advice: No smoking behind the pump house.

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