Albuquerque Indian School Yearbooks and Related Ephemera, 1930-1931.
Images from this collection come from the private collection of Professor Theodore Jojola (Isleta Pueblo), a Distinguished Professor and Regents’ Professor of the University of New Mexico, and are made available online at the Indigenous Digital Archive for research. They may not be used for commercial purposes.


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Cruz, Josephita, " Joe, " Pueblo, Chamita Home Address: Chamita, New Mexico. Sport: Dancing and Hiking. Trade: Nursing. Ambition: To take post- graduate course in field nursing Advice: Uphold high standards of character. Denetdele, Irene, " I Ring," Navajo Home Address: Tohatchi, New Mexico. Pet Expression: You don' t have to know." Sport: Hiking Honors: E. M. G. Club; Dramatic Club; Vice- President of Y. W. C. A.; Captain of Company E; Hiking Club; Friendship Circle. Trade: Home Economics. Ambition: To ring the triangle three times a day. Advice: May the journey for those who follow be as pleasant as mine has been. Fernando, Lupe, " Margie Lou," Pueblo, Laguna Home Address: Laguna, New Mexico. Pet Expression: " Dear me. " Sport: Hiking. Honors: E. M. G. Club; Music Club; Dramatic Club); Lieut. Co. I.; G. 0. G.* 30. Trade: Home Economics. Ambition: To help where needed. Advice: Take my place in the dining room, at my table. Fragua, Valentine, " Val," Pueblo Home Address: Jemez, New Mexico. Pet Expression: Why don' t you shave?' Sports: Football and track.. Honors: Band; Dramatic Club; Orchestra; Student Officers' Club; Passion Piay. Trade: Carpenter. Ambition: To be a musician.

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