Santa Fe Indian School Yearbooks, 1992-1993.


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WI Yes, their fear changed us too. It turned us into warriors, fighting for everything we held dear. It made us weak, tired of the fight, and heavy with sadness. It broke our spirit leaving us helpless only to be saved by the strength of prayer, and power of the heart. We were given this power as a gift by the great spirit to see us through those trying times long ago. The powers were a culmination of everything we managed to save. They were the most important values of our people, those of culture and tradition. Throughout our times of hardship and great personal sacrifice, it was realized that as long as we could save our culture and tradition, we would always survive as a people, and so we locked these secrets up inside, until safer times and it became a central focus of power. It was the power of the heart that binded us together for such a time, and the hope that one day we would be able to talk to the great spirits again, and to go climb upon the mountains seeking blessed prophecy, and praying for peace and harmony to once again reign over the people. A power such as this can never be diminished, and will burn with the brightness of a thousand suns forever in our souls, for all of us who live, pray, and are blessed with hearts of power. By Gabriel Beardsley

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