Santa Fe Indian School Yearbooks, 1989-1990.


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BEARNING CENTER 1. JClose - Up Top: Renee Chavarria, Daryl Sakeva, Mike Begaye, Michael Bancroft, Cedric Tenorio, Ab by Moquino, Darrell Nutima, Kevin Tenorio, Abby Moquino, Darrell Nutima, Kevin Te norio, Melanie Davis. Bottom: Judy Tortalita, Cynthia Gates, Roxanne Candelario, Kim Me dina, Gene Anderson, Sheldon Nunez, and Cheryl Vigil. STUDENT CLUB Traceeds to support trip . to Washington avis ma, Bot ose , MC 1990 The Close- Up pro- ambitions to go to Wash gram every year raises ington D. C. The Close- Up enough money to go to program is a very political Washington Þ. C. for a club and it is very fun to be week and study our na- in. It is also very challeng tion' s government. ing in the aspect that you The biggest money must maintain a 2. 0 making fund raiser was G. P. A. in order to go and the Valentine sales of you must be incident- free. candy, balloons, and Many students drop out of cards that brought a lot Close- Up during the first of profit for the students few trial months. so they could fulfill their non Globetrotters Bottom Picture: Ralph Carr, Felisa Gu libert, Helen Manzanillo, Tony Dorame, Ed Aragon, Preston Chavez, Douglas H., and Bettina Kie. The Globetrotters main trip of the year is to go to Mexico. The club studies Mexico so when they go they can be familiar with its customs and its people. Going to Mexico is a trip in itself. Tees unde 101

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