Santa Fe Indian School Yearbooks, 1989-1990.


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Administration Administration Joseph Abeyta Superintendent Joseph Abeyta III Xerox Room Operator Leona Chavez Budget Assistant Emily Cheromiah Grant Specialist Karen Dasheno Program Assistant Rosalie Gachupi Fiscal Analyst Cynthia Herrera ' Administrative Assistant Jennifer Lewis Receptionist SU Patricia Lucero Community School Relations Specialist Dr. James Moffitt Director of Planning and Evaluation Richard Olcott Systems Analyst EDP Edwin A. Pradt Personnel Director Ron Lovato Procurement Agent Wilfred Garcia Director of Admissions Velma Teba Program Assistant Hal Schultz Asst. Supt. Dir. of Development Debbie Routzen Secretary Jessie Medina Controller Betty Yates Staff Accountant Carol Weahkee Special Programs Administrator Matthew Pecos Research/ Testing Assistant

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