Santa Fe Indian School Yearbooks, 1989-1990.


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celebra t i ng a t i n Brain Power Comunications RINT STALE 330- 310 320- 329 310- 319. 296 298 290- 299. B 210- 269 200- 259. gue Tony Dorame, sitting pretty. от Амск 220- 239 220- 79.. 210- 219... Mr. Miskella and Paul Baca. John T., Jordan V., Kevin C., and Denise D. Shawnti Aguino working hard. " Having fun while learning" is what some might say, while others think" yeah right, since when is learning fun?'' Well to tell you the truth, learning is fun,... yeah right. It' s just that some want to learn while others want to kick back, look good and be cool, but everyone works together and does their hardest. Brain power is what it' s all about, so by the end of the day you' re almost" brain dead. " As for the teachers, they are also very tired, but still willing to go on strong. Then when they think they are home free, they have detention to supervise. Then all the late heads " go in and make up lost time. By day' s end everyone is academically dazed. " - Nakai Davis

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