Santa Fe Indian School Yearbooks, 1980-1981.


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FS 2010 The Senior Class of 1981 is proud to show who is number 1. Pictured are Lewis Platero, Vera Pino, Joann Mooney, Verna Pedro, Marcie Candelaria, Vivian Garcia, Judy Gachupin, Roberta Herrerra, Terry Lente, Virgie Garcia, Michelle Peyketewa, Mary Quintana, Pauline Bird, Ava Coleman, Cindy Trujillo, Lonnie Seymour, Ira Wateuma, Abner Joe, Archie Calabaza, Marlin Hosetosavit, Robert Hosetosavit, Yolanda Guerro, Darlene Lee, Val Pino, Ben Casiquito, Joseph Miller, Alan Cruz, Curtis Aguino, Markeeta Martine and Edythe Zuni. Jessie Lucero, back from Chaco. Julia Chavez is proud to be a Brave. Mark Quintana looks on to Vic tory.

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