Northern Navajo Superintendent, Annual Reports, 1927


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14393 STATISTICAL . Section IV.-- Forestry.-- Continued. Northern Nava 10 Indian School. Northern Nava jo Reservation. 8. Total amount of timber cut during the current fiscal year-- Continued: ( c) Under permit from allotted lands( D) Under permit from unaliotte di londs ( 1)( 2) ( 3) ( 4) ( a) By Indians - Amount. Svarte ? Amount. Sturrese Number feet 5. 4. Number of poles Number fence posts ........ Cords firewood.... Cords pulp wood.. ( b) By other persons-- Number feet B. M..... Number poles Number fence posts..... Cords firewood..... Cords pulp wood..... ( E) By Government from unallotted landsrus( EY) By Government from unallotted lands ( a) For use-- ( b) For sale-- Number fcet B. 1. Number poles...... Number fənce posts.... Cords firewood..... Cords pulp wood... 9. The relation of the existing local force, i and for fire protection, is one man to... lins all classes of business ....... acres of forest. 10. Number of forest users and others available when called upon to help in case of fire..... 5.. - 22

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