Northern Navajo Superintendent, Annual Reports, 1927


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14393 STATISTICAL Section 1.-- Health.-- Continued. 23. Number of babies born alive in hospital during year-- 24. Number of stillbirths in hospital during year---- 25. Dispensary or Out- patient Service: 5617 ( a) Number of pationts given dispensary or out- paticnt treatment during fiscal yuar--- ( b) Total number of dispensary or out- patient troa trents given during fiscal year-- 5617 26. Home Service : 89 ( a) Number of patients visited at home on account of sickness during fiscal year--- ( b) Total number of house visits to sick Indians during fiscal year---- 89 27. Vaccinations and Inoculations. ( a) Number of Indians vaccinated against smallpox--------- 346 ( b) Number of Indians vaccinated against typhoid fever---- ( c) Number of Indian children given toxin- antitoxin mixture for immunity against diphtheria----- 399 50 ( a) Other-- Pertussus_ vaccine-- 28. Contagious and Infectious Diseases: ( a) Number of outo reaks during fiscal year--- ( b) Number of cases, number treated, results.( List under separate head for each disease.) Measles 3- Diphtheria 3 Whooping cough 63- Results good Deaths: Submit tabulated report of cause of death, showing diagnosis in each case, for all deaths during fiscal year. 29. 30. Personnel: Submit tabulated list of physicians, nurses, and field matrons, showing personnel on July 1, 1926, changes by appointment, by transfer, by separation, by resignation, and total remaining in Service as of June 30, 1927. - 6

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