Northern Navajo Superintendent, Annual Reports, 1927


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Ciroular No. 2316 1927 Northern Nava jo Agency, SECTION V... - ALLOTMENTS No allotments have been made on this jurisdiction nor should there be. Held as a tribal possession, it supports the tribe, divided into allotments it will be of little value. The range is considered common property, yet each family respects the rights of other families and the right to graze and occupy certain areas by certain individuals has long been recognized. When a family or individual is able to di vert water for irrigation purposes from a wash or arroyo and convey it to a tract of land that can be cultivated and on which the family or individual may produce crops, the right so to do is recognized together with the right to inclose the cultivated tract with a fence. Rights of this character descend to the children or other heirs. A few allotments have been made on the public domain north of the jurisdiction. These allotments total thirty- one in number. - 24

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