Northern Navajo Superintendent, Annual Reports, 1927


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Circular No. 2316 1927 Northem Nava jo Agency of course,$ 150 or$ 250 or even more is not at all unusual for a Two Grey Hills blanket, but$ 150 for a small outline blanket is something that does not happen every day. The jurisdiction is furnished with two district farmers and one stockman. The farmers are each furished with a Ford car and they are continually in the field. For the past twelve months, the largest single undertaking was the labor of finding pupils for the schools, Since my report of one year ago was written, every family of the jur isdiction has been visited by one or the other of these two men and every child that could be located has been placed in so hool. The same plan is being followed this year, but the results will fall far short of those of last year because of the lack of available children, The stockman also spends his entire time in the field with Indians inspecting their flocks and herds, advising, instructing, repairing vats, building rew vats, dipping sheep, etc. He also is equipped with a Ford car. The market facilities open to Indians of the jurisdiction are somewhat limited. On the Reservation there are fifteen licensed traders and one trader of Indian blood. It is my opinion that the dealings of these traders have been fair. In addition to these licensed traders, there are many traders just off the reservation to the north as well as to the east. The agency owns and operates a small sawmill located on the mountain above Toaal ena. Up to May 1, 250, 941 board feet were logged and 226, 533 board feet were sawed, considerable quantities of which were also dressed. This lumber is sold to Indians for cash or in ex change for labor. The possibilities of the present site are about ex hausted and the mill will be moved in the near future." At the request of the Indians, it is being operated with tribal funds. The reservation is pretty plentifully covered with ruins and old cliff dwellings concerning which I know very little. Representatives of the Peabody Institute may be found operating on the jurisdiction practically every summer. The Indians take no interest in these matters whatever. Two celebrations are held every fall, one in Gallup and one in Harmington. The Gallup Celebration interests very few of the Indians of the Northern Nava jo Jurisdiction. However, large numbers of them attend the celebration at Farmington, I am unable to see any advantage accruing to the Indians from either of these affairs. These Indians usually find plenty of employment locally. Large numbers are employed by the oil companies and on the Gallup- Shiprook Farmington Federal Aid Highway, which has been under construction throughout the year, the work on which is being prosecuted vigorously at the present time. Large numbers are employed by anchmen and tar mers north and east of the reservation and in the sawmills in south western Colorado. llany of them are employed at the Mesa Verde National - 22

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