Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1923


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As a rule the Indians receive fair treatment from all traders. We have one government sawmi 11 on this reservation which manufactures from three to four thousand feet of lumber per year, and a great portion of this lumb or is sold to Indians for cash or labor. During each year a busin 988 council is called for all Indians of this jurisdiction and business matters are discussed to the best interest of all concerned; the principal topic is the up- breeding of stock and the sand tary condition of their homes and the build ing of better home 8. The marketing of their surplus stock is also a topio for consideration and the Indians are very much interested and look forward each year to this business council. No allotments have been made on the reservation proper. No land sales have ever been consumated, nor have restrictions been removed from the allot- ments made on the public domain. - 12

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