Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1923


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provided with four additional assistants; the Navajo School tree additional, and the Tohatohi School with four additional. I believe that this number will be sufficient to properly care for pupils and do the necessary work. The allowance of$ 100. per pupil a year for food and olothing for these schools is not sufficient and it will be necessary that the allowance be increased to properly olotho and feed them. The Chin Lee So hool, which is located 85 miles from the rail road should have a year' s supply ahead on hand to properly o onduct the school. The annual estimate supplies are shipped so late in the season that at times it is impossible to cross the mountain with the supplies and it becomes necessary for us to hold them at Fort Defiance until the roads become passable, and in the mean time the pupils at this school suffer for proper food and clothing. I recommend, that if at all possible, the Chin Lee School should have a year' s supply in advance on hand. Moral conditions on the reservation as a whole are good. Indians are progressing and are improving their stock, and would improve their home conditions if lumber, windows and doors o oala be provided foD them. The employees of the various schools have been quite efficient and loyal and very much interested in the welfare of pupils under their charge. The schools on the reservation have an elevating influence on the older Indians; they visit their children and see what is being a one for them and the way they are cared for and this gives them an idea that when their children return home during the vacation period that they should/ as we 11 cared for by the parents. be - 8-

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