Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1923


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allot is the necessary funds to build the cottages herein estimated for and to remodel the old building so that all employees will be properly housed and which would increase their effios enoy. A new office with a council room adjoining is badly needed. At the present time we have only a 11ttle bit of an oface, which is very inconvenient and without a vault to protect the records of the office. A building of this kind would greatly add to the effioi aoy of the Navajo Agency. I will again mention that a new Commissary is needed to store and protect all supplies. At the present time supplies are scattered over the grounds in four differ ent buildings and owing to their di lapidated condition it is impossible to properly care for the annual supplies which cost a great deal of money each year. Recently I have had quite a 11 ttle trouble in maintaining law and order on the reservation for the reason that the police force has been reduced to six policemen. The reservation is so large and distances so great that it makes it impossible for the present force to cover the territory. Sufficient police force should be provided to maintain law and order on the reservation as is expected by the office. As a rule the offendors in cases of petty larceny, etc., have been given sentences by the Indian court ranging from 60 days to six months. A short time ago I ran into a gambling crowd number ing 42, who were very busy with their games and did not notice my Coming; they were spending time which should be spent at home with their herds and farms, and looking after things in general; instead they were gambling away everything that they possessed. These gamb 1 - 2-

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