Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1923


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NA VAJO INDIAN AGENCY Fort Defiano e, Arizona. Deo ember 3, 1923. The Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Washington, D. 0. y dear. Commissioner: I have the honor to submit herewith annual report for the fiscal year 1923. SECTION 1- LAW AND ORDER. The buildings at the Navajo Agency and the various schools are not sufficient to take care of the increasing needs of the agency and schools. I have stated many times heretofore, and it has also been stated by visiting officials, that we should have more cottages at the age noy and also at the various schools to properly house employees so that it would increase their effioi enoy. Three cottages are needed at the Navajo Agency, with baths and toilets; two cottages with baths and toilets at the Chin Lee School, and two cottages with baths and toilets at the Tohatchi School. This number of cottages, I believe, would be sufficient to house all employees properly and give them the Comforts they need. The old building at the Navajo School should be remodeled into apartments so that it would properly house the Indian employees. At the present time this old building is very much dilapidated and very unsi tely. As it is at the present time, the housing conditions are such at the agency and the various schools that a number of employees do not have comfortable quarters and are very much discontented and hard to keep. I sincerely hope that this coming year the office will be able to

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