Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1919


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- 14 a great number of blankets during the past year, something like 9000 blankets which brought them about$ 135, 000 for their labor. This goes to prove that the Navajo wonen are not idle during the year. Government farmers are located at Chin Lee, Cornfields Lukai Chukai, and Fort Defiance, each farmer has a district and supervises the live stock industry and the dipping of sheep. In addition to this, one stockman has charge of the districts. There are 33 trading stores within the boundary of this reservation, 28 licensed and 5 unlicensed. I have every reason to believe that there is keen competition for the Indian trade, and on the whole the trading with the Indians has been fair. All of the trade for this reservation goes to Gallup, New Mexico. One Government sawmill is in operation on the reservation thirteen miles northwest of the Agency. This mill should be enlarged with the increasing demands for lumber in order to supply the Indians in building better homes. The Indians are always willing to pay for lumber they receive from the mil1 in cash or in labor. During each year a business council is of all the prominent men and women living on the reservation and all others who wish to attend. Such subjects as better homes; marriage and divorce; the upbreeding, sale and improvement of stock; farming; health and sanitation and the placing of children in school are all topics of discussion. The Indians look forward S call OU

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