Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1919


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- 10 every community one can expect to have a few disgruntled people who cannot be civil to any one and naturąlly when Inspectiong officials come to the Agency and promote discord, these disgruntled people will always make more trouble and will do everything to assist in making conditions unpleasant. The School has fine lawns and many flowers; productive alfalfa fields; well cultivated gardens, etc., which have been an object lession to all Indians. On account of the high cost of all supplies the expenditures during the fiscal year 1919 was greatly increased. I have stated in my former reports that schools on this reservation would continue at least 25 years. In reviewing the whole educational problem on this reservation I have come to the conclusion that Government schools would have to continue for at least 50 years, on this reservation. I doubt then whether there will be enough public schools on the reservation to accommodate all Na va jo children of school age.

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