Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1919


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- 8. school and Agency would need. With the increased capacity of the schools as indi cated, there is need of additional employees. The Navajo School is in need of three teachers; assistant disciplinarian and assistant matron. Chin Lee needs one teacher; assistant matton, baker and laundress. Tohatchi, with an increased capacity of 150 pupils will needfour teachers; assistant seamstress, assist ant laundress; disciplinarian, baker and carpenter. These employees are absolutely necessary to carry on the school work as the office wishes. Owing to the epidemic of influenze, the pupils of the Navajo School and the Chin Lee School did not complete the grades according to the course of study and there were no promotions at the end of the year. The mission schools on the whole have done splendid work and are endeavoring to maintain schools of high grade. None of the mission schools receive aid from the Government for their upkeep. Moral conditions on the reservation as a whole are good everything considered. Indians are more progressive than in former years. They are breeding up better sheep and better cattle and are cultivating more land. In order to have the present school population enrolled in school it will be necessary for the Government to build more schools. Returned students are on the whole progressive and are endeavoring to improve their conditions

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