Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1919


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schools as prescribed by the course of study. As stated heretofore the Navajo School plant needs a new boiler and engine house; laundry remodeled; two cottages for employees; four additional class rooms; a domestic science building; repairs to two dormitories and a new kindergartner building to replace the one that benned last January. Chin Lee is very much in need of a hospital; three cottages; a barn and a better water system, which is ugently needed and which has been reported on heretofore. There is a time in the fall of the year when the water supply at Chin Lee is so low that it makes it very in convenient and sanitary conditions become very bad. I suggest to the Office that this matter receive prompt attention. Tohatchi needs a hospital and three cottages. Lukai Chukai should be converted into a boarding school with capacity for 200 pupils. A hospital at this place is also needed. The Cornfields Day School should have a windmill and tank for a water supply. During the past year this school has not been in session on account of lack of teachers. The Navajo School is in great need of additional water for irrigational purposes. This could be supplied by constructing a reservoir in Blue Canyon, with but very little expense to the Government. This reservoir, if constructed, would greatly increase the production of our S garden and farm, We could also produce more hay than the

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