Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1919


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- 6- SECTION 111- schOOLS. The Indian children under this jurisdiction must depend solely on school facilities furnished by the Federal Government. There are no public schools available for them; in fact the only public schools within reach of this entire jurisdiction are at Gallup, New Mexico. According to the census taken in 1915, which was the only census during my administration, the sdhool population of this reservation at that time was 4, 411 children between the ages of 5 and 18 and I have every reason to believe that the school population has not decreased in any way. When the present capacity of the schools on this reservation are filled, there will be 950 boarding schools pupils and 90 pupils attending day school. The mission boarding schools have enlarged their capacity so they can admit 380 pupils and about 60 in non- reservation boarding schools, making a total of 1480 children provided with school privileges. There are still 2931 children of school age unprovided for. The new course of study is much more practical and more advanced than the Arizona state course. The Arizona state course is very good, but for Indian dhildren it is not so practical and so well adapted to their needs as the new course of study of the Indian office. Industrial two inino is given to all pupils in Government and Mission

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