Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1919


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- 4- SECTION II- HEALTH Owing to the epidemic of Influenza I cannot state that the health was good during the past fiscal year. The Influenza struck the schools and Agency very hard,, causing the death of 22 pupils at the Navajo School and something like 780 Indians on the reservation. There were also a few cases of smallpox but no deaths. Sanitary conditions around the Indian homes are not what they should be. Talks to Indians on sanitary conditions by the Physician and Superintendent has been a great help and improvements are very noticeable. The majority of Indians on this reservation live in hogans, although quite a number of them have quite nice houses. One of the greatest needs for the building of better homes and to improving the sanitary conditions on the reservation, are windows and doors. Quite a number of houses on the reservation do not have windows to and the ventilation is very poor. ¥nich material as windows and doors be manufactured in the Agency shop and issued to Indians for labor. It would be a great help to them in bettering sanitary conditions in their homes. There are two hospitals located at the Agency, one for the general cases and one for tubercular cases. The Episcopal hospital located about one mile from the Agency takes care of the eye, ear and throat cases. Alto

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