Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1919


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- 3- Reform are located at Tohatchi, New Mexico and Rehoboth, New Mexico. A11 but the Episcopal Church have a school on or near the reservation with Navajo pupils attending. Catholics have an attendance of ab at 260; Christian Reform have an attendance of about 80; Presbyterian have an attendance of about 60. This reservation lies in Arizona and New Mexico. had Arizona and New Mexico are both dry states, so the intro duction of liquor and the bootleggers on the outside are a thing of the past. We have/ no trouble during the past fiscal year with drunken Indians. The Nava jos of this jurisdiction do not manufacture any intoxicating beverages. The use of peyote and mescal are unknown to them. Gambling still goes on spa smo dically. During the fiscal year 1919 we have had about 20 cases known to this office. I have reasons to believe that there has been more gambling going on but was not reported. HEIM

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