Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1918


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- 9- With a few exceptions, the employees on the whole have rendered good service during the year and have cooperated with the Superintendent in making the work a success. Cordial relations exist between most of the employees and others living in this section. As a rule in every community one can expect to have a few disgruntled people who cannot be civil to anyone. The schools with its pretty lawns and flowers, and beautiful alfalfa fields and the well cultivated gardens has been an object lesson to all Indians. On account of the war and the high cost of all supplies the expenditures during the fiscal year 1918 was greatly increased. I have stated in my former reports that schools on this reservation would con tinue at least twenty five years. In reviewing the whole ed ucational problem on this reservation, I have come to the con clusion that the Government schools will have to continue at least fifty years.

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