Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1918


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SECTION II- HEALTH The health condition at the schools and agency have been good during the year. There were few cases of small pox and no deaths. Sanitary conditions arounĂ¢ the Indian homes are not what they should be. Talks to Indians on sanitary conditions by the physician and Superintendent has been a great help, and improvements are very noticeable. On this reservation there are 2375 hogans; 786 houses. One of the greatest needs is windows and doors to improve home conditions. If such material could be manufactured at the agency shop and issued to Indians for labor, it would be a great help tw ord bettering sanitary con ditions, There are two hospitals located at the Agency; one for general cases and the other for tubercular cases. The Episcopal hospital located about a mile from the Agency takes care of the eye, ear and throat cases, Altogether there is hospital room for about eighty patients. These hospitals are practically filled to their capacity all the time. In the general hospital there is one maternity ward with two beds, which takes care of all mothers seeking hospital care during confinement. During the fiscal year 1918, there were thirty five babies born at the hospital.

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