Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1918


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separations during the past year. One divorce has been granted by the court. The tribal marriage custom is being discouraged. There are four mission organizations working on and near this reservation. Catholics are located at St. Michaels, Fort Defiance, Lukai Chukai, Chin Lee, Arizona, and Tohatchi, New Mexico. Presbyterians are located at Fort Defiance, Ganado, and Chin Lee, Arizona. Episcopalians are located at Fort Defiance, Arizona. Christian Reform are located at Tohatchi, New Mexico, and Rehoboth, New Mexico. All but the Episcopal Church have a school on or near the reservation with Navajo pupils attend. Catholics have an attendance of 260; Christian Reform have an attendance of 80; Presbyterians have an attend ance of 40. This reservation lies in Arizona and New Mexico. Arizona and New Mexico are both dry states, so the introduction of liquor on the reservation and the bootleggers on the outsiãe will soon be a thing of the past. Five Navajos and two white men were caught and were indicted and punished for this offence. The Navajos of this jurisdiction do not manufacture any intoxicating beverages. The use of peyote and mascal are unknown to them. Gambling still goes on spasmodically; 35 cases were punished during the year.

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