Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1918


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2- murder case awaiting hearing before the federal grand jury. During the past year there were few dances, not as many as in former years. The Nava jos have given more attention to the care of their stock and the cultivating of fields and gardens. The acreage under cultivation the past year has been greater than any preceding year. Neatly all Navajo dances are for some ailment and as sufficient number of physicians are not yet provided to take care of something over twelve thousand Na va jos of this jurisdiction, they will revert to the medicine men and dances for relief. During part of the fiscal year of 19181918, there was no permanent physician located at the Agency. The Superintendent has attended many of the ir dances and could not see anything immoral. Every employee is request ed to discourage all dances as much as possible in such a manner as not to arouse antagonism of the Indians and the in fluence is being broadened each year. Nearly all returned students attend these dances at times with relatives but are not participating in them. Great stress has been and is now being made on each and every couple to secure a license before marrying and this is generally being observed. Owing to great distances from the county seat, Indians will not travel from one hundred to one hundred fifty miles to procure a license to marry; licenses are issued by the Superintendentat the Agency Office. Tribal divorces are not recognized and there are not so many

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