Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1916


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- 15 Section IV- Industries Not as many Navajo blankets were sold during the past year as heretofore owing to the high price of wool making it much more profitable to sell the wool then to weave. The quality of blankets made is constantly improving. The returned students in many instances are doing very well. Naturally, most are engaged in stock raising but a number of others are working for private parties, two or three own stores, etc. A Government farmer is located at Chin Lee having in his district about 4, 000 Nevajos; one at Luki chuki with 1, 500 Navajos; one at the Government Sawmill with 1, 000 Navajos; one at the Cornfields with 2, 000 Navajos and one at the agency 3, 500 Navajos. In addition one position of stockman is allowed, also one field matron and one assistant field matron, the latter acting as interpreter, etc. as there is very little farming that can be done the farmers de vote nearly all the ir time to stoďk raising, etc. There are thirty seven trading stores within the boundary of the reservation. I believe it can be said that there is keen competition for trade and on the whole the deal ings of the traders have been fair. Practically all the trade for this reservation goes through the town of Gallup, N. M.., at which point there are fifvewholesale establishments,

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