Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1916


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- 14 Section IV- Industries against selling stock to unscrupulous buyers of all kinds at any time of the year. This matter is having most earnest attention and every thing possible will be done to protect them. Not one acre of the reservation is leased for either agricultural or grazing purposes to whites and in addition to this the Navajos, on their own violition have for some years leased a number of townships on the public domain, where the Santa Fe Ry. owns every alternate township, for grazing pur poses. This is necessary owing to the fact that they have lived for many years in that section and a single allotment would be of little value to them without other grazing priv ileges. There is no tribal herd on this reservation, all stock being owned individually. The up- breeding of both cattle and sheep, as heretofore noted, is receiving most careful attention but as the number of head each of sheep and cattle is large it will take a consti erable length of time and a great number of improved male animals to bring the entire number up to a higher standard. However, this matter is being helped by extensive purchases of improved breeding stock by the Navajos themselves. This reservation is not adapted to the dairy industry Owing to lack of forage. It is a fair grazing country during most years. - dairy barn is being erected at the Navajo school and more and better stock will shortly be secured.

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