Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1916


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- 12 Section 1v- Industries already indicated. The Indians of this reservation are entirely self supporting , depending almost wholly on their live stock for a livelihood . They are making good use of stock purchased under the reimbursable plan as is shown by the fact that in only one case is there a delinquent payment under the reim bursable plan and in several instances Indians have made two payments where only one is due. Practically nothing is being done to improve the quality of Navajo horses owing to the wide spread infection of dourine on the reservation . The Bureau of animal Industry will resume work shortly in suppressing seme and will have the hearty cooperation of the employees here. A comprehensive census of the reservation shows that seventy five thousand acres of land are fenced. This comprises nearly all the sheltered canyons, low favored spots, etc., where there is a chance for water to be developed or a favorable building spot, etc. During the year the Navajos done a very consierable amount of work on the roads, without compensation . Road building is a most difficult proposition in this country as is shown by the fact that a road from Gallup, N. M. to the Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado , and only that portion relating to this reservation , some 42 miles in extent, will cost$ 54, 000, a$ 15, 000 having been secured for the fiscal year 1917 to start construction of seme. Many more portions of the reservation are even more difficult as to road building .

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