Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1916


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- 11 Section LV- Industries garden and field crops can be utilized owing to water shortage. at Tohatchi School the acreage is about five. À comprehensive census of the reservation shows approximately 7, 400 acres cultivated, practically all of which is dry farmed with only flooding in the early spring; this acreage is nearly all in Indian corn. Better tools and implements are used and many Navajos make an endeavor to raise some sort of a crop and a little garden in some sheltered spot. However, stock raising consumes their time and farming is carried on only as a side line. The year 1916 will bring forth good crops for this section of corn and potatoes together with a small acreage of for age crops. Grasshoppers to a large extent hurt both corn and potatoes but owing to rains early in July the extent of damages was not as heavy as at first anticipated. " 11 crops produced are consumed with the single excep tion of a very little corn and hay. Through long years of experience a corn has been developed that stands three or four times as much drought as that in the Eastern states and while the yield is not great yet there is nearly always something raised. There are not allotments on the reservation and those made on the public domain cover water rights for grazing purposes. Owing to the scarcity of water for irrigation purposes no extensive amount of farming is carried on except as

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