Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1916


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- 10 Section 1v- Industries The Navajos are large stock owners and the upbreeding of their stock is a very important item. In The ºffice is now purchasing 1250 rams for issue under the reimbursable plan and twenty five bulls were secured during 1916 so that within a short period the standard of Navajo cattle and sheep is going to be raised to a much higher standard . This will me an a greater earning capacity and furnish the means for a better standard of living. Additional school facilities for Navajos is also an urgent requirements . This will require systematic effort covering a period of years. work has been progressing for five years steadily along this line and should go forward at a greater speed in the future, if funds are available . Last, but not least, is the medical work to be carried forward. During the past three years more has been done along this line than in all the preceding years since the establish ment of the Navajo agency and the future holds forth a great promise as the Navajos themselves are beginning to appreciate the effort to save the young children and mothers and those that are afflicated with the Great White Plague and those that have trachoma . At the Navajo School about forty acres is under cultivation , every acre that water can be secured for. Owing to the etreme dryness in April, May and June irrigation is a necessity . At Chin Lee School only a small acreage , about ten in grounds ,

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