Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1916


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- 8- Section 111- Schools Until present school capacity for Navajos is nearly threbled there will be a large Navajo school population without any chance for securing an education. No difficulty has been experienced in filling the schools or maintaining discipline are pupils were in school. Returned students are, on the whole, progressive and endeavoring to improve their condition, They are aided in every possible way. During the fiscal year the new course of study was adopted and it has proven well suited to the needs of Indian children. Employees are required to make out a written outline of proposed work, in advance, for submission to the Office were it is carefully gone over and checked to see that seme agrees with the course of study. Pupils are closely graded, pormoted on work accomplished. School room equipment is in good shape. In the industrial lines instruction is given in farming, gardening, blacksmithing, carpentry and shoe making and repair ing for boys and for girls in sewing, cooking, laundering and care of the sick, etc. Employees on the whole have rendered good service dur ing the year and have cooperated with the Superintendent in making the new course of study a success. Cordial relations exist between the employees and others living in this section. as the Navajo school was the first school built for Navaj o Indians it is regarded by many as their heedquarters and they have a very friendly feeling toward the school in general. UN

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