Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1916


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Section 111- Schools system. The Navajo School is in great need for additional water for irrigation. This could be supplied by constructing a reservoir in Blue Canyon As to employees with the improvements and increased capacity indicated there would be need for several additional positions. Considering the fact that there are 3200 children totally unprovided for as to school facilities at this time the need for additional buildings, etc., is self apparent. e In 1915 the Navajo School graduated a class of nine boys and two girls, all of whom are now working and doing very well. There were no graduates in 1916 and for 1917 the re will be no graduates as with the new course of study transfers will be made when the sixth grade is completed. The Mission schools, have, on the whole, enjoyed a prosperous year and done good work. They are endeavoring to maintain schools of a high class. None of the Mission schools receive funds from the Government for their upkeep. Morals on the reservation are good, everything consid ered. Crimes such as murder, burglary, robbery, etc., are not as common among the Indians as among the Whites and likexicans in the same counties. There are petty occur among the Navajos with occasionally something serious. The widest divergence is found between the Indians and their white neighbors in the shape of marriage, divorce and family relations in general.

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