Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1916


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- 6- Section 111- Schools The Indian children of this jurisidcti on must depend solely on school facilities furnished by the Federal Government, at present. No public schools are available. In fact the only public schools in this entire section are at Gallup, N. M. The school population of this reservation is 4411, all between the ages of five and eighteen years. When present capacity is filled there will be 760 Government boarding school pupils and 90 day; 260 Mission boarding and about 100 in non- reser vation boarding schools making a total of 3201 school children totally unprovided for. The new course of study for Indian Schools is much more practical than the arizona State Course. The state Course of study is very good but for Indian children I fear is not adapted to their needs. Industrial training is given all pupils in both Govern ment and Mission schools. The Navajo school plant needs a new boiler and engine house; two cottages for employees; an addition to the school building; a domestic science cottage and a horse barn. The Tohatchi school should have a new dormitory for girls of 150 capacity; the old dormitories complete over hauled and remodel ed for boys; a deep well pump; commissary and hospital. Both Navajo and Tohatchi Schools should have more and better water facilities in the shape of tanks, water mains, etc. Chin Lee School should have two cottages for employees , abarn and a hospital . Both Luki Chuki and Cornfi el ds schools need a water

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