Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1916


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Section 11- Health Health conditions at the different schools and * gency have been good during the year. At the close of July both smallpox and diptheria were found on the reser vation. The Physicians have been vaccinating and isolating these cases until at this time it is believed both are under control. Only one death has resulted so far. There have been about eighteen cases of both to date. Sanitary conditions around the hogans are not what they should be. On this reservation there are 2, 075 hogans and 766 houses, the houses running all the way from costing $ 5, 000 and up to date to a one room affair without either floor or windows. Every foot of lumber not required for repairs at the schools or agency, etc., has been issued to Indians, in return for labor, to assist in building homes. In addition a quantity of windows and doors have been turned out by student labor for issue to Indians. There are two Government hospitals on this reservation, one for general cases, the other for tubercular cases. The Episcopal hospital located about one mile from Ft. Defiance, Arizona, takes care of trachoma patients, Altogether there is hospital room, Government and Mission, at Ft. Defiance, for eighty patients. These hospitals are practically filled to capacity all the time. The general hospital especially takes care of maternity cases and there has been on the average a birth a week during the past few months in the hospital. Navajo mothers more and more are realizing the necessity of hospitals

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