Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1916


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Law and Order- Section 1 dances are for the ill and as a sufficient number of Physicians are not yet provided to take care of the over 12, 000 Navajos of this jurisdiction they revert to the medicine men and dances for relief. None of their dances are immoral. Every employee discourages all dances as much as possible in such a manner as not to arouse the active antagonism of the Navajos and this influence is being broadened each year. Returned students attend these dances at times with relatives but are partici pating in same less each year. Great stress has been and is now being laid on each and every couple securing a license before marrying and this is generally being observed. Tribal divorces are not recog nized and there are not so many separations without divorce as heretofore. Four Mission organizations are working on or near this reservation, viz: Christian Reformed, Catholic, Episcopalian and Presbyterian. 11 but the Episcopal church has a school on or near the reservation which Navajo students attend. a portion of this reservation is in Arizona and the remainder in New Mexico.* rizona want" ary" in 1914. However, the trading point for practically this whole reservation is Gallup, New Mexico, at which point, until recently, there were twenty one saloons and numerous bootleggers. This presents a constant source for the introduction of liquor not- with- standing all efforts at its suppression. Liquor is usually introduced by Navajos although in one instance a Mexican was caught and has

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