Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1916


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ORIGINAL, Cir. No. 1106 Annual Report. 1916. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR UNITI D STATES INDIAN SERVICE Navajo hndian gency, RECEIVED AUG 24 1916 Ft. Defiance, Arizona. August 5th, 1916. OFFICE OF, - INDIAN Ats RHCM VED AUG 23 1916 The Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Washington, D. C. Sir: I have the honor to submit herewith, the following annual report for the fiscal year 1916: Section 1---- Law& Order The present agency buildings are not sufficient to take care of the greatly increasing needs of the Navajo Agency. A new Office building is needed as well as four additional cottages for married employees. At this time quarters are cramped and families are living in one room each which is not satisfactory. There is also need for an additional clerk( stenographer) for taking care of agency work. The agency office work in general has increased several hundred per cent in the last two years. Very little difficulty was experienced in preserving law A suwis Ceny and order and nearly all the crimes committed were caused by the purchase of whiskey at the railway point. During the year a special liquor officer aided in suppression of this traffic as well as employees of this agency. There was less dancing than usual and more work in culti vating fields and taking care of stock. Nearly all Navajo

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