Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1914


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Page 14 NARRATIVE Annual Report 1914. Section IV- Industries. the purchase of grade stallions, There are too many pony stą111ons but these are gradually being done away with when conditions permit. The work of farmers and stockmen is that of encouraging the upbreeding of stock; establishment of buck heras; securing better stallions; fencing of lend; construction of reservoirs, development of water and Springs and in general promote grazing and farming interests. The farmers are located in the different districts- one at Luki Chuki- one at Chin Lee- one at the wheatfields- one at the Cornfields and one with the Agoney as headquarters all with teams and equipment for going over the reservation. The Navajos generally secure a fair price for their blankets, hides, pelts and wool. The traders as a class deal fairly with the Indians and the Navajo is a careful, shrewd buyer and seller. In order to encourage the sheep end cattle industry and see that the young stuff is not sold off too early licensed traders should be continued. During the past year the Government sawmill has been in full operation sawing out lumber for Indian homes and preparing material for the new schools and buildings under construction by the Government on the reservation.

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