Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1914


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NARRATIVE Page 13. Annual Report 1914 Section IV- Industries without regular irrigation a Navajo wi11 frequently raise an extensive crop where the ordinary settler w111 utterly fail. The issue of farm implements and wagons has been continued this year and should be for some time yet. These are issued for labor to an amount equal to their cost. Some work has been done on roads and at a recent councii letely it was decided by the leading men to require labor from each male, adult Indian on the roads. This I regard as a very important step forward. More and better water should be developed which will require time and funds. Some rock was done on o1a ditches. Improvements are generally good considering the ir isolated location and means of building. There are no individual allotments on the reservation . The stock raising industry is the important feature on this reservation. The Navajo herds are increasing and with good wool prices and range better than heretofore good results are anticipated this season. Slight wintor losses were sustained and the herds graze all winter. Every acre is utilized by the Indians themselves and there is no room for lessees. There are some good horses which are being improved by

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