Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1914


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Page 11 NARRATIVE Annual Report 1914. Section 111- Schools. In dustrial work or training is given to girls in general housekeeping, sewing, laundering, nursing, weaving and cooking in a productive way. For boys, farming, adening, irrigation, blacksmithing, carpentry, engineering and care of stock, Every endeavor is made to keep the reservation Indians interested in the welfare of the school and an interest in the progress of their children. Parents are encouraged and invited to come and visit the school. Expenditures during the past year have been greater than the previous year caused by the following: The" Ali school year plan" has been inaugerated at the Tohatchi School. The commissary at this school burned causing a heavy loss and the consequent purchase of supplies to run the school in open market. At the chin Lee school a$ 24, 000 addition to the dormitory is being built which will increase the capacity by 100. A new school is being built at Luki Chuki. A11 this has tended to greatly increase expenditures but not in any way near the proportion the school population will be increased or the class of buildings erected.

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