Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1914


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Page 10. NARRATIVE Annual Report 1914 Section 111- Schools. kitchen and laundry as well as repairs. The Luki chuki school is now under construction and will require a great amount of labor, etc., to clear a school farm, there being a good supply of water for irrigation. The employees at the different schools are es a whole competent and willing workers. Where employees have demonstrated their ability and gained the confidence of the Indians and pupils I believe they should be rewarded by increased compensation as every school suffers by changing employees so often. No pupils have ever graduated from any of the schools but during the coming year a class wi11 graduate from the eighth grade at the Navajo Bo ording school. Morality among the reservation Indians is good. It is estimated that there are approximately 1700 children on this reservation without school facilities. With the all school year plen at Tohatchi school, 100 addit ional pupils at Chin Lee and 50 pupils et Luki chuki this number will not be reduced materially. There are no incorrig ble students. Returned students are as a whole doing well and every effort is made to help them build a home and become a credit to the tribe by being progressive. Academic Work during the past year has been good with the result that English speaking among the pupils is greatly on the increase. I believe the books on the author list are good.

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