Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1914


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Page 9 NARRATIVE Annual Report 1914 Section 111 Schools Two mission schools are on this reservation under my jurisdiction. The Catholic Mission which has a capacity of 180 pupils is located about eight miles south of the Agency. The Presbyterian Mission is located at Ganado, 37 miles west of the agency and has a capacity of 40. Rehoboth Mission( christian Reforme d), with a capacity of 40 is located 38 miles southeast of the Agency, off the reservation. The character and efficiency of those schools are excellent. No public schools are available for Indian children. A course of study cerelated as ne ar as possible to the state course is in use at the different schools. More and better industrial training should be given the boys and girls. This can only be done with better equipment. The needs of the schools are- Navajo School- A large boys' dormitory for 150 boys, complete with baths, toilets, etc., is a mo at urgent necess ity. For Tohatchi school a cottage for the Principal and a new warehouse( to replace that burned this year) are needed. Chin Lee School needs several cottages for married employees, a hospital, school building and general repairs. The corn fields day school needed a water tank, gasoline engine and deep well pump;& lso addition to school building for

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