Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1914


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Page 8. NARRATIVE Annual Report- 1914 Section 11 Health delicacies for hospital patients are a necessity and the office should continue the authorization of such purchases. As stated heretofore, several additional employees will be required when the sanatorium is completed. The medical work, on the whole, is growing rapidly caused by the present physician at the Agency having the confidence of the leading men of the tribe. Indians novi come in for treatment voluntarily who here tofore would not have come except by force which is not advisable. One field matron and an assistant was authorized for this reservation the past year. The position was not filled until late in 1913 and for themonths of May and June has not been on the reservation so that this phase of the Work has not progressed as it should. The field matron, when opportunity offered, visited the homes and endeavored by suggestion and practical demonstration to install better sanitary methods around the home. Work of the field matrons is hampered by the migratory habits of the Navajos who cannot long remain in the same vicinity owing to their herds.

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