Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1914


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Page 4. NATA ATIVE Annual Report 1914 Section 1-- Law and Order on the streets. It would be advisable if the Department could induce the state to deputize an employee here to keep at work along the railroad for the suppression of the liquor traffio. No intoxicating beverages are made by Indi sans on this reservation and peyote or mescal is not used. Licensed traders have been cautioned not to handle extracts, etc., where the proportion of alcohol is great. Nearly every trader handles some" home remé di es" but the trade is not great and the Navajos have consiãerably greater confidence in medicine given S them by the Physicians. The liquor problem apparently is no greater now than it has been for some years. If the reservation should by any chance be opened up or more mining developed around or on the reservation which would bring an influx of settlers the problem would become greater. With twenty two saloons in the railway point where practically all trade of this reser vation is done and drunken Whites and Mexicans a common sight it cannot be wondered at that some Navajos follor in their footsteps. The aim is to make the Indians self supporting citizens. They are self- supporting but in the main not citizens. With the continued sale of liquor to citizens at the main railway point the effect is bound to be noted on the reservation. If a special officer could be detailed

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