Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1914


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Page NARRATIVE Annual Report 1914 Section 1--- Law and order. S With the completion of the Navajo Agency Sanatorium which 1s a duplication of that built at Laguna there will be need for severąl more employees. During part of the year no Physician was located at the mohatchi School. With the completion of the school hospital at thet point, during the fiscal year 1915, one or two additional employees will be required as will the services constantly of a physician. During the year no difficulty was experienced in enforcing law and order on the reservation. The dances indulged in by the Navajos I consider harmless and in time wi11 pass away by constant pressure. During the spring the Eos Kon( Fire Dance) is sometimes given which lasts one night. In the summer the squaw dances take place lasting three nights in succession at different points about 15 miles apart. The Vea pe chai dance Fasts nine days and is a religious affair given during the latter part of October or early part of November. To give such a dance costs quite a good deal and only the wealthy Indians can give it. The cost some times mins to five hundred dollars. These dences are usually well attended. The marriage and divorce customs among the Navajos are quite serious problems. By constant effort the leading men of the tribe are being idea de to see the necessity of conforming with the State laws regarding

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