Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1914


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ORIGINAL Annual Report 1. 914 Narrative. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR UNITED STATES INDIAN SERVICE Navajo Indian Agency, Ft. Defiance, Arizona. June 26th, 1914. C OR IND . HD AMAR zdott * * 88 JUL - 6 1914 dhe Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Washington, D. C. sir: I have the honor to submit, herewith, the follow ing annual report for the Navajo Indian Agency and schools, for the fiscal year 1914: The present agency buildings are not sufficient to properly carry on the work which is increasing very rapidly and which promises to keep on doing so for some time. There is more cottages nốeded to properly take care of employees already authorized. Thē shops are but poorly equipped. Up- to- date machinery should be installed so that the agency work may be properly taken care of. With the building of the Tuki chuki school a farmer will be located at that point. Southwest of the Agency at Wide Ruins there is urgent need for a farrier to be stationed but the present authorization of employees will not permit. This point is on the southern part of the reservation and where the Navajos most come into contact with the Whites. A cottage for a farmer would have to be built.

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