Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1912


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NARRATIVE. Page Section VIII- Contracts. Population. Annual Report, 1912. Once a year a business council of all the most intel ligent members of the tribe of both sexes, is called. This council is held in the month of June after planting season is over. Many topics are discussed which are of great benefit to the tribe. Among the topics are plural marriages, child mar ria ges, selling of young girls, home building, caring for and improving the quality of their herds, etc. I find that the se yearly councils are of great help to me in the discharge of my official duties and of much greater benefit to the Indians in general. The head men have taken up the matter of suppressing the evils of plural and child marriages. They are now compelling these people to be married legally. I would advise that the se Councils be continue d. The Indians under my jurisdiction do not receive an nuities and it is much better for them that they do not. g

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