Navajo Superintendent Annual Reports, 1912


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NARRATIVE. Pa ge Annual Report, 1912. Section III- Schools. There are two mission schools on this reservation under the jurisdiction of this agency. The Catholic Mission which has a capacity of 180 pupils is located nine miles south of the Agen cy. The Presbyterian Missian is located at Ganado, 37 miles west of the agency, and has a capacity of 40. Rehoboth Mission ( Christian Reformed), with a capacity of 40, is located 35 miles southeast of the Agency, off the reservation. The character and efficiency of the se schools are excellent. The morality among the Indian communities is good. It is estimated that there are about 1800 children of school age who are not in school. Every effort has been made for the ir enrollment in non- reservation schools, but the Navajos are very much opposed to send ing their children to schools out side the reservation. There would be no trouble in getting them to attend the reservation schools if we had them. There are no incorrigibles in the schools. The condition of the returned students is as a rule, very good considering they homes they have to return to, Many of them return home and are engaged in herding and in helping their people in a general way. The training they receive at school is of great benefit to the old people in many ways. There is a great demand for returned students when they can be spa red by their people. Every effort is being made to assist them. All pupils at the different schools are properly graded, and the Arizona State Course of study is adhered to as far as

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